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FreeRange on the Web

The Jumpin Flea Circus--Storybook and CD by Ukulele Jim

The Spanish Flea--from Spain, our friend Gustavo and his Circo de pulgas Oterini

Uncle Walteverything to start your own flea circus and other madness

For the Insatiably Curious"Flea Research Central"

Flea MuseumNot the itchy kind...the musical kind

Circus Model Builders of AmericaPreserving the History and Spirit of the Circus

Cirque du Flea GameSave the circus! You're the ringleader in this fun puzzle game.

Dr Garfield Snixon's Flea Opera(an opera) proof positive of the cultured flea

LeafCutter DesignsPerhaps a parallel universe to the fleas? "Making a new world one small thing at a time"

Illinois Storytelling IncYour ticket to a fanciful trip into worlds of imagination