…where it all began…

In the mid 1800s, Signor Bertolotto and his Exhibition of Educated Fleas were all the rage in the theater district of London. He kept his competitors at bay with accusations of plagiarism and threats of legal actions.


It was at this time that a young Nathaniel T Stufenfedder booked passage on a freighter bound for America.


During the long voyage, Stufenfedder acquired new talent from the shipmates and passengers and spent endless hours training his fleas to perform incredible feats.


Upon landing in New York harbor, Stufenfedder quickly found a new, unclaimed and ever curious audience for his exhibitions.


He quickly became "flea impresario extraordinaire" and STUFENFEDDER'S TRAVELING LYCEUM AND FLEA CIRCUS dynasty was born.


Today, the tradition continues under the watchful eye of RM Stufenfedder.